On October 8 2017, Sonoma County suffered the worst wildfire in California history. The Tubbs Fire was an unprecedented natural disaster that created an unusual and extremely difficult circumstance for residents across the North Bay. In the early morning hours winds of over 60 miles an hour drove the ground fire and airborne streams of embers to overwhelm several subdivisions in northeast and northwest Santa Rosa. Over 5,000 structures were completely destroyed, including most of the residential and commercial properties in the Fountaingrove neighborhood.

We are thankful there were no fatalities from the evacuation of residents from Oakmont Senior Living and other assisted living communities. Unfortunately, the majority of those who passed away elsewhere in the county as a result of the fire were elderly. As Scott Alonso, spokesman for Sonoma County, reported, “With any sort of disaster….the elderly may not have transportation, they may not have access to evacuate as fast as possible. They may be wheel-chair bound, they may have access issues – those folks may take more care to evacuate safely.”

Oakmont Senior Living and the Department of Social Services mutually agreed to a settlement for Varenna and Villa Capri about accusations related to the Tubbs Fire, which impacted Sonoma County in October 2017. Varenna and Villa Capri will maintain normal operations, with additional oversight provided by the Department. Both parties are committed to maintaining their strong and long lasting relationship for the benefit of residents.